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Can Lice Survive The Cold Winter?

Perhaps the only bright spot of the winters in Lancaster is that there are fewer bugs around making pests of themselves. This is especially true of outdoor bugs but not as much with indoor critters. As a parent, you may wish that head lice would be one of the bugs that would go dormant or hibernate in the winter months, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

With your kid’s head covered by a hat much of the time, you’d think they should be less prone to catching lice from an infested child, and this may be true. A major cause of lice transmission is head-to-head contact, and a covered head should make this more difficult. That said, more hats around also means an increased possibility of your child grabbing the wrong hat and not noticing the error until they’ve already put it on. Your kid may also share a friend’s hat, and both of these instances can actually serve to increase the chances of the spread of head lice in the winter months.


As a parent in the Lancaster area, this may be the first time you’ve run into the problem of lice. Other parents may have advice about over-the-counter remedies or home remedies, but these are rarely, if ever, effective and can be counterproductive. For effective head lice removal you should seek out a lice treatment salon.

At Lice Lifters of Lancaster, we have encountered many parents who tried numerous methods that would supposedly eliminate their child’s head lice problem only to find they were just wasting time and money. When you go to a lice service, you’ll be having the problem handled by experts who know what they’re doing. A lice treatment salon can only stay in business if it’s effective and affordable at removing lice.


At Lice Lifters, our lice removal technicians first do a head check on your loved one to see if lice are indeed present. If they are spotted, we’ll do a thorough, meticulous comb-out that will get rid of as many of the lice and their nits, or eggs, as possible. Because any remaining nits can cause the infestation to recur, we follow up the comb-out with the application of a killing agent that is all-natural, non-toxic and 99.9 percent effective at killing lice and their nits.

If you suspect that your loved one has lice or if a school nurse has brought this problem to your attention, please contact us immediately. While lice may not be dangerous, they can cause an itchy, irritated scalp on your child’s head, and there’s no reason to let them suffer when our lice treatment salon can get them lice free in a single visit.