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Caring For Camps

Caring for Camps

Lice Lifters Detection and Education Program For Summer Camps

The caring, compassionate staff at Lice Lifters of Lancaster offer our community residents a discreet, fast, and effective head lice treatment. We’ve been in the area for more than seven years now, during which time we’ve had the opportunity to help many families defeat lice. We can do the same for you and it won’t cost a lot of time or money. Our guaranteed lice treatments are all-natural and safe for even super lice, the head lice that are resistant to normal treatments.

Community Outreach

Lice Lifters of Lancaster want to help the community defeat lice. We offer many community outreach efforts to aid in this effort. We visit local schools to teach children, parents, and educators more about lice. There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lack of knowledge as well. Combined, it makes treating lice far more difficult than it should be. Our educational programs provide kids of all ages and parents and teachers with the right information to prevent and eliminate lice. We aim to educate as many people as we can. You are not alone and we offer summer camps to prove that.

Summer Camps

Our ‘Caring for Camps’ program is another one of our outreach efforts. This program helps those dealing with a lice infestation learn more about treating this parasitic insect and how to prevent it in the future. Our ‘Caring for Camps’ program is designed to educate children and faculty at summer camps. It is no secret that a summer camp is a place that lice can easily transfer from one person to another. We’ll come out and provide education that reduces those risks.

Lice Lifters of Lancaster would love to talk to you about our program and arrange a time to visit your camp to provide this education. Our lice technician will provide handouts and answer questions as well. This is the time of the year when lice are spread from one child to another. Make sure you help do your part to prevent problems and call us out to help deal with lice problem before or when they occur.

“Caring for Camps” is our latest outreach program, and it’s designed to bring parents and children peace of mind in dealing with these parasitic insects that infest 6 to 12 million people a year nationwide. We can send our licensed technicians out to your summer camp to educate as well as to actually do head checks for lice. If you run a camp, it can only help instill confidence in parents to know that you are addressing this problem proactively. There are many issues that kids and staff have to contend with at summer camp. At Lice Lifters Of Chadds Ford, we want to see to it that head lice isn’t one of them.

If you run a summer camp, we’d love to hear from you, so we can arrange to come out to your camp to inform your staff and kids about avoiding this problem or treating it when it happens. This is the time of year when kids are prone to spread lice, so we want our community in Delaware County to know we’re here to help you deal with this problem.

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