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Because lice are known as parasites, they require a host that is human to stay alive. This means that the lice may not need to be eliminated from your home. Once lice are away from the human scalp for 24-48 hours, they cannot survive on their own and will no longer continue to be a problem around your house.

Head lice that are frustrating issues to people are only able to feed off this type of human host. This means that humans are unable to catch lice from or spread lice to their pets.

Parasitic lice live off of the blood that is contained under our scalps. Their six legs are skilled at feeding off of and moving along the hair follicles in this area, so they tend to stay near the scalps of humans.

Lice are only able to survive for up to 48 hours once off of a human scalp. If you are worried about stuffed animals and pillows, you may place them in the dryer for half an hour using a high heat setting or even place them into closed plastic bags for a couple of days until all of the lice have died off.

Chemicals that have the ability to kill lice can be dangerous or toxic to inhale. Treating your furniture with sprays is not worth the risk of toxicity since lice do not live long when detached from the human head.

Lice do not have the ability to jump or fly. They use their six legs to crawl from host to host.

Almost half of the people who become infected with lice have allergic reactions when they are bitten, causing a scalp that is itchy and uncomfortable. You will also have some difficulty falling asleep because lice are nocturnal and therefore most active during the evening hours. You may even be able to feel a crawling sensation around your scalp.

Lice infestations are most often caused by direct contact with the head of someone who has been infested with lice. Sometimes, children can contract lice by sharing hats, helmets, other hair accessories and combs with other infested children.

Lice eggs can take anywhere between one week to 10 days in to completely hatch. In order to hatch, however, they need a warm and moist environment, which is why they choose your scalp. If the lice eggs are removed or fall from your head, it causes them to die.

Life Lifters has a specialized preventative mint spray that deters lice from entering your scalp with its minty scent that is known to be offensive to lice. In addition to this spray, wearing your hair tied back and out of the way can prevent the spread of lice as it will be harder for the lice to transfer from an affected head to yours.

Nits can be found connected to the hair follicles on your scalp. They attach themselves to these follicles using their natural glue-like adhesive substances. Their shape is always oval, but they vary in color from tan, brown or black.

Head lice usually do not pose any risk of disease to their human hosts. They are pests, but not inherently dangerous.

These three treatments can also be seen as insurance agents against the further infestation of lice. If any of the nits on your scalp were missed during the treatment process, they could have hatched at a later time. However, this solution treatment will suffocate them and eradicate any further risk. Lice have the ability to survive for 24-48 hours when they aren’t attached to a human host, so this treatment helps reduce the risk of re-infestation of lice.

The kind of lice that impact the scalps of humans have been around for centuries.

Lice Lifters uses a specialized type of comb that utilizes microgroove technology. The technology includes teeth that are close in range to each other, giving it the ability to remove more lice and eggs than another type would.

The process from becoming a nymph to an adult louse takes anywhere between one week to 10 days.

A female louse is able to lay up to 10 eggs a day, totaling a number of 200 throughout her lifetime. If they are not treated by our certified lice technicians, they will all hatch. Juvenile lice (nymphs) will then grow into adult lice.

Most OTC products for lice are a waste of money. These products, such as Nix and Rid, use toxins that are so widely used that they have caused head lice to become immune to the chemicals. Lice Lifter’s treatment, however, contains no pesticides and is 100% safe to use and very effective in the elimination of lice.