Finally, A Safe And Effective Head Lice Treatment With Licefreee

Dealing with lice could easily trigger a trial and error crisis in pursuit of an effective remedy. The itchiness may force you to try every product on the shelf, promising to destroy all lice in your child’s head. Unfortunately, many people stumble on a few disappointments before getting the right product to deal with the lice menace.

Hair products are notorious for using harsh chemicals that destroy hair and scalp. This is a major concern for people looking for lice removal products. How do you know that a product is natural and doesn’t have adverse effects on the hair and skin? Good news is Licefreee heeds to your demand for a natural and safe lice removal treatment. We hope to change your perspective of lice treatments, especially if you’ve had a disappointing run in the past.

Unknown to many parents, lice don’t necessarily mean that your child has a dirty scalp and hair. Don’t beat yourself. Lice menace is a common problem in most schools. These mites transfer from one head to another easily through direct contact. You have probably received one of those random notice letters from your child’s school informing you of a lice outbreak and infestation. What do you do next?

If you are a first-timer handling the lice infestation, you might want to seek professional help from a head lice treatment center. The experts should help diagnose the severity of lice infestation on your loved one’s head. They should recommend the right steps to follow to eradicate the problem for good. Among the products suggested, Licefreee should fall in somewhere. You don’t want to subject your little one’s head to burning and harsh chemicals. Licefreee offers the safest alternative out of the problem.

Today, professional lice removers discourage the use of products that contain harsh chemicals such as pyrethrum. Licefreee contains sodium chloride and minerals in controlled measures to make destroying lice safe and non-toxic.

Using Licefreee

  • You can purchase the spray bottle from over-the-counter. Read through the instructions on the product. The instructions should suggest that you shake the bottle well before spraying the product into your child’s hair. Apply the product sufficiently to ensure that you kill all the lice.
  • Let the Licefreee sit and dry in the hair. Do not wash it out.
  • Once the Licefreee is absorbed, comb it to remove the dead nits and lice. Congratulations! You have successfully beaten the lice infestation. Now wash out the product and rinse your child’s hair. To ensure that you have dealt with all lice, repeat the treatment after eight days

Why is Licefreee branded a “safe product”?

  • It’s effective in killing head lice and nits completely.
  • It is natural and safe to use for children.
  • It can be used on adults too.
  • Licefreee is packaged with a nit comb to make the job easier.
  • It doesn’t discriminate certain types of hair.

Have you been looking for your ultimate lice removal solution? Look no further than Licefreee. At Lice Lifters Lancaster, we are dedicated to offering quality consultation services before you decide the right treatment for your child. Talk to us today.