Head Lice Removal Services In Lancaster PA

Head Lice Removal & Treatment Salon in Lancaster, PA

At Lice Lifters of Lancaster, we realize what a nuisance lice can be for members of your family. This problem is particularly common among children since lice can spread through physical contact, which happens a lot between kids during recess at school and after-school sports. Lice are small, parasitic insects that live in the hair and feed off the blood under the scalp. They cause plenty of itching and irritation, which can also cause open sores if the area around the scalp becomes too irritated from excessive itching.

It is estimated that 12 million head lice infestations occur annually within the United States. It can be seen as an embarrassing problem to some parents but, this need not be the case. Lice do not discriminate based on race, economic status or any other factor. Any warm scalp will do, and they spread easily among children since head-to-head contact is fairly common during play or while holding heads together for a selfie.


Seeking Effective Lice Treatment

As a parent, you may not know how to handle head lice. This may be the first time it has come up for you, so the first thing you are inclined to do is examine all your options. While home remedies or over-the-counter treatments may seem appealing on some level, they are not effective. Soaking your child’s head in mayonnaise for several hours attempting to suffocate the lice won’t work and almost seems like more bother than the lice themselves. Likewise, over-the-counter treatments are not a practical option. They contain dangerous toxins that may cause an unwanted reaction in your child, and most lice have become to over the counter pesticide treatments.


Professional Lice Removal in Lancaster

At Lice Lifters of Lancaster, we are also convenient to you if you live in Rohrerstown, Millersville, Smoketown, East Petersburg, Bausman and Strasburg. More than convenience, however, our head lice removal service offers a safe, effective lice treatment that gets the job done in a single visit. The technicians at our lice removal clinic begin by doing a head check to ensure that lice are the problem. After thoroughly removing the nits and lice we apply an all-natural, non-toxic solution to any infested family member’s hair that is 99.9 percent effective at killing both the live lice and their eggs, which are known as nits.

If you discover head lice on any family members, don’t waste time and money on ineffective remedies. For professional lice removal in Lancaster, you cannot beat our head lice removal service. In addition to handling the problem in a single visit, our lice treatment is affordable, and we also give you invaluable advice on how to keep your home from becoming infested with this problem again. Please contact our lice removal clinic, so we can help make this problem an unpleasant memory for you and any of your children who are suffering from the annoying itching and irritation.