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Head Lice Treatment Salon near Lititz, PA

When you find that a head lice infestation has hit one or more members of your family, you may not be sure what to do about it. While these tiny, parasitic insects do not transmit disease, they are still a nuisance since they can cause a red, irritated, itchy scalp, which can lead to open sores if these itchy spots are scratched too much.

Your best recourse, as a parent who is looking for a fast, effective and affordable solution to this problem, is to find a lice service that offers professional head lice removal. You also need to make sure that their lice treatment gets rid of both the adult lice and the eggs, which are called nits. If you are looking for a head lice removal service that offers all of this and more, then you needn’t look further than Lice Lifters of Lancaster.

Benefits of Choosing Lice Lifters of Lancaster County

  • Safe, effective, and guaranteed
  • We use an all-natural killing agent
  • Our solution kills 99.9% of live activity
  • Mobile services don’t use a killing agent.  If two eggs are missed, you can have lice again
  • We use non-toxic & pesticide-free products
  • Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended
  • Certified technicians put children and parents at ease
  • Flex and health spending account payments taken

Lice Lifters Is a Professional Lice Removal Clinic

At our lice service, we have heard from many concerned parents who have tried over-the-counter products and other supposed solutions but were happy they found us since we offered the first effective lice removal process. If you live in Lancaster, Kissel Hill, Rothsville, Limerock, Lexington or Lititz, we are a short drive away for you to bring in any infested family members. In fact, we are convenient if you live anywhere in or around Lancaster County.

One Quick Head Lice Treatment, Done!

At Lice Lifters of Lancaster, our professional head lice removal process begins with one of our friendly staff doing a head check on any family members you bring in to our lice service. Once the presence of lice is confirmed, our head lice removal service will then move on to a comb-out whereby we meticulously run a lice comb through the hair and scalp of your infested loved ones to remove as many lice and nits as possible. Because infestation can restart if any adult female lice or nits are missed, we also put a killing agent on your hair that is safe, all-natural and 99.9 percent effective at killing adult lice and their nits.

Please don’t hesitate to call our head lice removal service if you believe you or any member of your family may be suffering from this annoying problem. The best part of our professional head lice removal process is that we can treat all of your affected children at once, and they are done in a single treatment, and both of these facts save you time. Please call to learn more about our 30-day guarantee and how your family can be rid of this issue in no time.