Nit Support Program

Whether you are coming in for treatment or you found something and you’re not sure what it is, Lice Lifters® loves samples.

Our Nit Support program is simple. If you think you have found lice and/or nits but you’re not sure put the sample on a white paper towel and fold it up carefully. Put the paper towel in a zip lock bag. You can bring it to our Bucks County treatment center or drop it in the mail. To mail a sample to Lice Lifters®, put your name and phone number(s) on the zip lock bag with the sample inside. Put the zip lock bag into an envelope and drop it in the mail. When we receive the sample we will look at it under our microscope and we will call you with the results.

Lice Lifters® recommends weekly combing head checks with a good metal nit comb. We hope you find nothing but if you do, our Nit Support Program is waiting for your samples.

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