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Head Lice Removal Services

Lice Lifters in Lancaster Pa

Head Lice Check

$30 (school discounts may apply)
Head lice can be positively maddening. These little and unassuming insects can lead to unstoppable itching episodes in all of their victims as well. People don’t have to resign themselves to endless head lice frustrations, though. Getting assistance from lice treatment center services can often solve their issues pretty rapidly. Lice Lifters is a trusted option for people who want to check for head lice. If you have lice, we can give you a thorough head check. Once we confirm that you have a problem, you can move forward with our in-depth treatment. We have staff members who employ lice combs for assessment purposes. Our checks cost $30.00.

Lice Lifters Treatment

$20 - $179 (ask about our multi-family member discounts)

How exactly we do we treat nasty and unpleasant head lice dilemmas? Our technicians put a formula that’s called “Lice Lifters Head Mousse” directly onto patients scalps and heads in general. This formula shocks lice. It simultaneously makes the nits a lot less firm in their positions. Nits, in short, are the eggs of lice. This shocking action is crucial due to the fact that nits basically cling to hair follicle foundations. That’s exactly why getting rid of them can feel next to impossible for most people.

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Why Lice Lifters
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Lice Lifters is a clinic that can delight you with lice removal service that encapsulates excellence. We’re a salon that depends on removal formulas that are safe and natural. If you want to get lice treatment without having to panic about the products that are associated with removal, we can help you feel a lot calmer. Although our lice removal formulas are mild and gentle, they’re also notably powerful. 

Saying ciao to head lice doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We’re a lice removal clinic that can make you feel terrific with removal service rates that are completely reasonable. Be sure to ask our team members about all of your payment choices, too.

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